North West Essex now has 100 open Real Ale pubs

Wednesday 24 April 2013

In our database we now have, with the reopening of the Red Lion at Finchingfield 100 pubs which are defined as places you may drink real ale without requiring to eat, buy a ticket or be a member of a club in North West Essex. CAMRA as a campaigning organisation support the successful operation of pubs as the main places where drinkers can enjoy the consumption of tasteful real ales. Pubs are under serious threat from many sources including rising running costs, increases in duty on drinks, cheap alcohol from supermarkets and our harsh economic times with reduced disposable incomes. Supermarkets also directly threaten pubs by purchase and conversion into shops. Once a pub is closed, it is rarely returned to a community social venue. Help save your pub by drinking in it and registering it as a Community Asset.