Rose & Crown in Ashdon is now shut

Friday 14 September 2012

The Rose & Crown in Ashdon is now shut and undergoing 'renovation' by the guy who owns the closed Plough in Radwinter. Rumour has it that he has already removed a staircase in this grade II listed building... ominous signs. No idea when he will have completed the Plough opening either. The local press story about how they took control from the landlord who was running the pub does not match the newspaper article. Apparently, he was tricked into opening the back door to a 'local customer' who turned out to be either the new owner or the auctioneers and he was then evicted! Estimates for reopening are end of October but I hope that the conservation officer is able to show some clout... and history expects that date to be severely optimistic. Locals are not happy and use the Kings Head in Hadstock.