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Campaign for Real Ale

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Here is a list of Local Pubs That Have Been Listed.
Here's the list of Local Pubs That We Want To List.

If you love your local pub and think it adds lots of value to your community you now have the opportunity to give it extra protection from developers and can list it with the Council as an Asset of Community Value. Under the Localism Act 2011 people living in England can nominate a pub to be listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). Listing your local as an ACV provides communities with the power to stop the clock when faced with the a pub going up for sale, earning valuable time to explore options for saving the pub.

CAMRA has set the challenge of getting 300 pubs listed by the end of the year. Read on for more detail on what listing means and how to go about it. Please download our ACV Guide from for more detailed information and where to find advice and support.

If you know about a pub in your area which has been listed or are involved in a campaign to save your local pub please contact ku.gro.armac@sngiapmac and let us know.

Why List Your Local?

Increasing numbers of local councils are taking into account Assets of Community Value when considering new planning applications against the pub. Listing a pub show the value it has to the community.

Listing your local means property developers who are keen for a hassle free purchase are less likely to show interest.

If a listed pub goes up for sale, its ACV status has the power to postpone the sale for up to six months. That's just enough time for pub campaigners to gather together a suitable bid to buy the pub and run as community-owned.

Since the Asset of Community Value scheme started in 2012, pub activists have used their new powers to halt the sale of their beloved locals. The Ivy House in London was the first pub to be listed as an ACV and the first which has led to a successful buy-out from the community.

How do I List my local?

1. First you'll need to pay a visit to your local council's website and search for their section on 'Assets of Community Value' or 'Right to Bid'. Once you've found it, download a nomination form. (If your local authority does not have a nomination form available to download, you can use CAMRA's Template Nomination Form)

2. We strongly recommend you nominate a pub as an Unincorporated Group. This is where 21 local people on the electoral register nominate an Asset as any member of the public. This should be done *not* in connection with CAMRA. This is because CAMRA is an incorporated body.

3. Complete the nomination form with as much information as you can think of regarding why your local should be listed as an asset to the community. For advice and draft text please go to CAMRA's Community Value Guide on the website.

4. Gather the support of 21 people from the community in favour of listing the pub as an asset of community value. You can download CAMRA's 21 Nominee Form (pdf version) or 21 Nominee Form (word version) from the website to help gather this. Each name must be registered to vote in your local authority (on the electoral register) and from a different address.

5. Submit the completed form to your local council - you can check your council's website for guidance explaining how they are accepting nominations.

Any questions on nominating ACVs please call the Government-funded Locality advice line on 0845 345 4564 or email CAMRA's Campaigns Team on ku.gro.armac@sngiapmac